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Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

The People of God re-enter the Trinity Church building for worship!

Worship services will be at 9am (Traditional) in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall; 10:30am (Modern) in the newly redecorated TLC Gym.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is it true that there are only worship services in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and gym and nothing else?
Yes. There will be no nursery, Kidz Church, or student ministries programming. Those areas will be closed. As the family worships together, please feel free to bring activities to the worship service for your children. At the 9:00am Traditional Service, the Fellowship Hall is a great alternative location for families. It is set up with tables and chairs so that your children have a surface to draw, write, etc.
Are some people forbidden to attend the service?
NO, that’s not true. If you are not feeling well or are uncomfortable coming into the building, please join us via our livestream at
What if I’m in a high-risk category?
Those in a high-risk category are encouraged to use wisdom and discernment regarding their participation in the service. It is always best to err on the side of caution/safety.
Are service times the same?
Yes, the service times are the same. 9:00am for the Traditional Service (Sanctuary and Family Friendly Fellowship Hall); 10:30am for the Modern Service (TLC Gym).
How will parking be handled?
You are free to park on your own. However, in order to minimize congestion, we request that you not enter the building more than 20 minutes before the start of the service.
What will be different on July 19th through Labor Day?
• For the Traditional Service, only the main entrance will be open. For the Modern Service, only the south doors will be open. Doors will be propped open to reduce the number of contacts. All other doors will be locked!
• You will wait your turn at the entrance of the Sanctuary (or Gym) and will be seated by an usher much like you would experience at a wedding.
• Social distancing will be practiced (staying 6 ft. apart). Families will be able to sit together.
• There will be no bulletin. All information can be accessed via the website (
• Offering plates will not be passed. Baskets will be placed at the doors to the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and Gym in which you can place your tithe or offering.
• Once a worship space reaches capacity, we will not be able to seat any additional people in that space.
I’ve heard that I have to “get a ticket” to get into a worship service. Is that true?
Yes, you will need to register online at prior to Sunday. A list of registered attenders will be located with the usher to verify your registration. For the first phase of in-person worship you will have to register every week. If you don’t have access to a computer, please call the church office to reserve your spot. 574-294-7602
Is it true that I don’t have to worry about a long-winded preacher?
Ha! As if… The services will be somewhat shorter, 45-50 minutes. Limiting duration of time together is also a CDC recommendation.
Am I required to wear a mask or face covering?
Everyone who enters the building is expected to wear a face mask. We are adhering to the county guidelines which requires use of masks in public places. We will have disposable masks available in case you forgot yours. All Trinity staff and volunteer teams will be wearing masks when seating guests or in close proximity to attendees.
Is it true that there’s no coffee?
Unfortunately, yes. There will be no donuts or coffee. We will have bottled water which you can pick up on your way into service. Feel free to bring your own coffee. Water fountains have been turned off.
I love to shake hands or hug people. Will Sunday be hard for me?
Yes, you will have to put your normal responses on hold. For the time being, please allow non-contact greetings like waving or head nods instead of shaking hands, fist bumps or hugging.
I like to hang around and visit after services. Is that a problem?
It might be. At the conclusion of our services, you will be systematically dismissed. We kindly request that you not linger, so that the worship and volunteer teams can get ready for the next service. (Visiting outside at a safe distance does pose a significantly lower risk for those who must ‘catch up’).
This sounds rather fearful. Doesn’t that contradict scripture?
The guidelines that we’ve established are not based on fear. They are based on wisdom. We have sought the counsel of church leaders, medical advisors, and government authorities. We have diligently researched best practices. They are in complete unity on this plan to reenter the building. We are doing our best to emulate the care a good shepherd would take on behalf of his precious sheep.
Will we continue to have services livestreamed online?
Yes, we have been livestreaming our services for about 8 years – and we have no plan on stopping that ministry. It is valuable to members of our congregation and reaches many outside our community of faith.
How long are we going to worship this way?
Trinity leaders are committed to monitor what is best for the body of Christ in these uncertain times. We are hopeful that this plan is only temporary and much of what we value from pre-pandemic worship can be restored. In the meantime, we ask for patience and grace. This plan is far from perfect and there will be mistakes, but we who follow Jesus never claim to be perfect, just forgiven.