Important News & Exciting Update

This past August we asked you to join us in praying for our UPWARD Sports Ministry at Trinity on Jackson Church. After over 6 months of adapting to a COVID-19 world, we were not entirely sure what a sports ministry program would look like in the coming fall/winter. While processing that, we were also realizing that we might not want to do all of the things that we had done before exactly the same way we had when we had an opportunity to do so again. This caused us to take a pause… (to read more about this, click here).
Since then, a small group of dedicated individuals invested many evenings into prayerfully processing and honestly reflecting on our mission, challenges, goals, and evaluation of past years. Guided by an amazing coach from the Indiana United Methodist Church Conference Leadership Department, we began to dream…
We moved beyond the challenges we had faced to recognzing our abilities as a church and our passion for children and families in our community. We began to envision a new ministry league and are excited to announce the plans to begin the Barklee Basketball League in the Winter/Spring of 2022 (registration scheduled for this fall!).
Why Barklee Basketball League?
Did you know Randy Modjeska? He was a very special person to Trinity Church and our Upward league. He was an adult with special needs and a big heart for children and Jesus. He helped on Wednesday Nights in Kidz Church and with Upward ministries. Randy reminded us that everyone is welcome and celebrated here – regardless of our talents, abilities, and struggles we may face in the world.
On game days, Randy spent the day wearing a mascot custom of a dog he named “Barklee” to cheer kids on and add to the engery and fun of these memorable experiences. He celebrated kids and welcomed families all day long serving with joy and delight.
A few years ago Randy passed away of natural causes and previous league director, Brian Jamison, named our scholarship program the Barkley Scholarship Memorial as a tribute to the loving spirit and contagious enthusiasm Randy shared with all he encountered. Our Barklee League, like our Upward League, will be committed to offering scholarships so that ALL children can particpate regardless of a family’s financial situation.
Randy embodied the essence of what our league stands for and the mission and ministry begin this vital sports program. We are so excited to share Randy’s story and legacy through the launching of our newly visioned Barklee Basketball League!
Meet our new Barklee League Director!   
Many of you may recognize Jake Balch as he has been a dedicated coach for his son’s Upward teams for the past 4 years. Jake also has extensive coaching experience at the high school level in Elkhart community and beyond. Further, he has a background in education, business, and marketing.
As part of the evaluation task force that accessed and planned this new ministry, Jake has listened to and participated in the accessment of the needs of our community and the mission of our church. Having been a valuable and inspirational part of both the Upward and Elkhart communities, Jake has both the passion and potential to grow this new ministry opportunity in mission and excellence.
We are thrilled that Jake has accepted this position to create and lead our new basketball ministry league – the Barklee Basketball League at Trinity on Jackson Church!


2022 Barklee League Information
·   One practice a week for 7 weeks, for k-4th grades.

·   Practice on either Monday, Tuesday, OR Thursday on the weeks of January 24th – week of March 7th

·   Five games held on Saturdays (and Fridays if necessary based on league size)

·   Games February 5th – March 12th

·   Simple and engaging devotions sharing Christian love and support for your child and your family, a focus on  good sportsmanship and teamwork, skill development with an opportunity for all participants to have an equal game day playing time (if present all of the game days).

·   The same quality, commitment, and hospitality you have experienced in Trinity sports programs offered over the past 15 years!
*please be flexible with us, the season may be affected by weather closings or other conditions beyond our control.
What’s next and how can I help?
If you are a part of our previous Trinity UPWARD Elkhart community, we look forward to you being a part of our Trinity Barklee League in this coming year. Please watch for more information to come and share with your friends to build energy and enthusiaum for the future!
If you are a part of our Trinity on Jackson Church community, we invite you to continue to pray and to consider financially supporting this new ministry for our community. Our dreams are only an option because of your generous contributions in the past. If you would like to donate to support the start-up cost of this new ministry program, please click on the blue button or text the number listed.