I’ve Never Heard A Sermon On…Old Testament Violence (part 1)

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Sermon Notes

I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a sermon on the violence in the Old Testament. And yet, it’s a topic young adults ask about, new Christians are baffled by, and non-Christians feel is a major barrier to faith in Jesus. Hmm… what if, instead of avoiding it, we steered the ship right into the storm! I’m going to do my darnedest to do just that on the 18th and the 25th. Truthfully, this topic probably warrants more than two Sundays, but that little thing called Advent is just around the corner… When it comes to the Old Testament violence, honestly, I feel I have more questions than answers (so if you feel the same way you are in good company), but we’re gonna tackle the topic anyway! And I’m certain that God will guide us, and we’ll be stronger for it.