Trinity is a good place, a kind place, a safe place.  It’s a place for people of every age.  A place for people who like old time hymns and for those who like Christian rock.  You’ll find large group worship, small group studies, support groups and interest groups.  You’ll find places here for solitude and personal time with God.  You’ll find fellowship with other people in our café.  You’ll find amazing music, uplifting messages and meaningful precious moments in worship.

When you come to Trinity we want you to feel as if you have come home.  We want you to feel comfortable. 
“Take your shoes off and stay a while.”  “Leave your troubles at the door.”  “Sit a spell.”   
“(Let your mind) Be still.”  Sing your heart out.  Laugh out loud.  Leave refreshed and renewed. 
If you’ve never been to church just come on in.
If it’s been a long time since you’ve been to church, welcome home.
If you’re new to Elkhart, just find your way to our doors.  Call us if you get lost.



Even outside our doors you’ll see a smiling face.


—At each door you will find someone with a red umbrella to open the door for you.  How’s that for a welcome? If you have someone in your car that needs assistance to the door,  don’t worry.  Got kids to unload and get in to Sunday school?  Got you covered.  Arms full with who knows what?  We’ll be there to help.

PARKING PALSThis program is in the works.  If walking from your parking spot to the church is a problem please just stop at one of our doors and ask for assistance from one of our Red Umbrellas.

  If you’d love to go to church but are worried about parking in “the back 40”.  Let us park your car.  Just like a fancy restaurant.  We’ll park it and bring it to you when you are ready to go.


—Once inside you’ll be welcomed by a friendly face.  Not sure where to hang your coat?  Not sure which way to the sanctuary? Not sure where to take your kids for Sunday School.  Don’t worry.  Our greeters can help you.  If they don’t know the answer to your question, they’ll find someone who does.


The Welcome Center is staffed all morning on Sundays.  At the Welcome Center and Information Desk you can:
  • Get copies of recent sermons
  • Get information on children and adult classes and groups
  • Find out about ministry opportunities mentioned by the pastors
  • Sign up to help in various ministries
  • Get information about the church in general
  • Get staff contact information
  • Pick up your name tag
  • Find the Lost and Found
  • Get directions to the Trinity Library
  • Get directions to the Trinity Bookstore
  • Get directions to coffee and doughnuts
  • Get directions to our chapel
  • Get directions to the Youth Rooms
  • Get directions and Information on Child Care

More than just information, the folks at the Welcome Center and Information Desks can talk to you about Trinity.  Many of our volunteers are long-time members and can answer the question, “What is Trinity all about?”   VOLUNTEERING FOR ONE OF THE WELCOME MINISTRIES RED UMBRELLAS  While our main entrances are protected from the elements persons who volunteer for the Red Umbrellas should be the type of person who does not mind being outside in the snow or the rain and are in good enough physical condition to help others out of their cars.

    • Red Umbrellas usually are assigned to each door before each service
    • A schedule is developed for several months at a time
    • Red Umbrellas may volunteer as individuals or as couples.
    • Adults are encouraged to have their upper elementary and older children work alongside them
    • A system is provided for finding a substitute or trading slots.
    • Red Umbrellas should be at their assigned door 15-20 minutes prior to the 9:00, or 11:00 service on Sundays
    • For more information contact Amy Matherly (team leader) 262-4773

GREETERS  Greeting can be done by anyone.  Even the busiest person can find 15-20 minutes to say hello to folks as they come in our doors. If you are new to Trinity this might be a good place to start.

    • Greeters usually are assigned to one 15-20 minute slot about 4 times a year.
    • A schedule is mailed to your home. Great care is taken to assign our volunteers to a slot which coincides with the service he or she attends.
    • Reminder cards are sent each month.
    • Greeting can be done by individuals or couples.
    • A system for finding a substitute or trading slots is provided.
    • Very little training is needed. Greeters are asked to be inside their assigned door at least 15 minutes prior to the 8:45 or 11:00 service on Sundays.
    • For more information, contact Amy Matherly 262-4773.

PARKING PALSThis program is in the works.  We hope to be up and running soon.  If you have a desire to help organize this program please contact Amy Matherly (team leader) 262-4773 WELCOME CENTER/INFORMATION DESK—Volunteers who work at the Welcome Center Desk, man one of these places for the duration of one service.  Duties include welcoming, giving directions, handing out information and taking messages.  We refer to ourselves as  “full-service” sites.  For instance, we have found lost keys, located lost spouses. And served as a drop off point for one person looking to get something to someone attending a later service.  We have tissues, we have Band-Aids.  We answer the telephone and have gotten some interesting calls.  One Sunday a man called to have us tell his wife he and the kids were locked outside the house.  His car keys were inside the house.  She had come on ahead to church, expecting them to follow.  We found her and she went to the rescue.  

  • Volunteers are assigned to one slot about 4 to 6 times a year.
  • Slots are: Sunday 8:30-9:45, 9:45-10:45 and 10:45-11:30
  • A schedule is mailed to your home. Great care is taken to assign our volunteers to a slot which coincides with or follows the service he or she attends.
  • Reminder cards are sent each month.
  • We attempt to assign two people to the Welcome Center and to the Information Desk.
  • A system for finding a substitute or trading slots is provided.
  • New volunteers are paired with a veteran volunteer.
  • For more information, contact Amy Matherly (team leader) 262-4773


For more information on any of the programs listed here or for ideas for new ministries or improvement to existing ministries contact:  Amy Matherly 262-4773. 


Welcome Home! We are glad to see you!



Welcome Ministry Team

Trinity UMC office (574)294-7602
Amy Matherly, Team Leader, 262-4773,