What to expect with:
Baptism & Confirmation
We believe God’s way of welcoming us into the Family of God is by baptism. We also believe that, since God is the one working on us in baptism, we don’t want to wait to be welcomed. We baptize babies, kids, adults, seniors—anyone and everyone who is presented to us as God’s child.
We believe that in baptism, God is just getting started. A lifetime of faith follows getting baptized. If you’re around the age of 13, our church shares a time-honored tradition called Confirmation, where baptized young people can voluntarily “confirm” their faith before the whole congregation. Our confirmands gather in a group for fun and fellowship and study, and at the end of months of work, play and examination, they’re received as full members of the Church.
Orientation and Joining the Church
We believe that following Jesus can be hard (and sometimes, it should be hard)! But we also believe that, at Trinity, joining with other followers of Jesus should be easy. We want to make it easy to walk the path of discipleship with others—so that when the path gets tough, we have each other to lean on.
Whether you’re baptized or not, a committed Christian or not, a United Methodist or not, we want to help you get oriented to Trinity as easily as possible. We always have greeters and ushers to help you find your way on Sundays. We have staff members and volunteers to help you connect with small groups and leadership opportunities. And if you feel called to join our church as a member, we have New Member Classes twice a year—just ask one of our pastors to jump on board.
Holy Communion & Anointing
We believe that God is our Creator, our Strength, our Savior, our Friend… and, in a certain special way, we believe God is our food. The sacrament of Holy Communion, sometimes called the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist, is a special meal in which we eat bread and drink juice to remember what Jesus has done for us, to share a moment of spiritual intimacy with him, and remind ourselves that Jesus is always with us. Absolutely, positively everyone is welcome to take Holy Communion at Trinity—but we have to warn you: when you join us at the Lord’s Table, God won’t be satisfied just to have you over for dinner. You’ll be invited to join in everything God is doing in His church and His world. And we think you’ll find God is both insistent and very persuasive once you’ve joined Him around the table, enjoying a meal hosted by his Son.
We believe that God is always blessing us, in a million ways we can’t even see. But it’s important for us to make the ways God blesses us visible too. That’s why, at Trinity, we love to pray for each other and support each other. If you ever have a prayer concern, please feel free to reach out to a pastor or a small group leader; share your prayer request in worship on Sunday (don’t worry—we’ve got a system); and ask for a moment of anointing (which is offered the first Sunday of the month along with Holy Communion). Anointing is another ancient tradition in the church in which spiced oil is applied in the shape of a cross to the forehead of those who request it, especially when asking for healing.
We believe worship is one of the most important things we can do in life. To us, worship means gathering in God’s presence, singing God’s songs, listening to God’s word read and interpreted, and spending time in prayer with God’s people. We gather in God’s presence because God first came to us in Jesus—so we get together on the morning of the day Jesus rose from the dead (Sunday) to remember and celebrate Him.
We love many different kinds of worship, so we offer two distinct worship services on Sunday mornings. Our 9 a.m. service is called Classic Worship, and we focus on the classic aspects of Christian worship. We draw from the rich traditions of the church to sing familiar hymns, led by an awesome choir, and join in acts of worship that bring us into the living presence of our God. Our 10:30 a.m. service is called Modern Worship, and we focus on helping make our Christian faith come alive in this time of authentic and relevant community. We sing contemporary praise and worship songs, led by an outstanding praise band, and follow the Spirit in the company of everyday followers of Jesus.
We love welcoming children in worship! During Classic Worship, kids sit with their families or use one of our child-friendly tables in the sanctuary. We also offer a Children’s Moment monthly and at special times. During Modern worship, we have Kidz Church, which is a special set-apart experience in our fabulous gym. Kidz Church is for kids from kindergarten through fifth grade, it’s got its own curriculum and volunteers and songs and videos, and it’s one of the things we do best at Trinity.